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re-WIRE-ment: for the succes you are meant to have (Rome)

Re-WIRE-ment: the Start of Something That’s All About YOU!
It’s about you, how you show up and your mark in the world.

2 live workshops Protected content of inspired connection

Milan | Saturday 26 October & Saturday 9 November Protected content

Do you know you are meant to succeed in life, at work? But do you feel like success doesn’t know your address? Can you see the years of retirement fast approaching but feel like you are you still searching for exactly what it is you are meant to create in this life? Afraid you will never find it?

You truly are meant to leave a mark in the world - in a way that is unique for you. A way that expresses the amazing potential that is held in your heart. But sometimes - often - it seems like the ways of the world and your reactions put up roadblocks to your success. You retire, play small, protect yourself and cope.

If you have reached a turning point - the ‘now or never’ moment in your life, your work - when you want to leave your footsteps in the sand like you are meant to leave, then...

It’s time to re-WIRE to have the success you truly are meant to have. Time to get back to the original you - to undo and let go - to bend and twist to shape the new YOU!

Join Suzanne Beveridge, former international business executive, who left her corporate career to help others live their calling and succeed in work they love.

In this powerful and supportive workshop program, Suzanne will guide and coach you to take the lead, to shine, to emerge and expand, to be something bigger, more wonderful, more YOU!

Re-WIRE-ment, more than a workshop program, it’s a way of life.

Find out lots more here about how you can replace old rules with new rules and move into motion to leave the footprints in the sand you are meant to leave!

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