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The Coronavirus (Rome)

The Public Healthcare in Italy has taken more than 18.000 swabs up to now, 91% of which resulted being negative. At the present time, there are 1.700 people infected in Italy, the majority of which are located in the North of Italy (primarily in Lombardy and Veneto). Among the infected ones, 4-5% are in intensive care, Protected content % needed hospitalization and tend to recover easily (unless they had previous chronic health problems). The remaining of the infected people have from none to very mild symptoms and are put in quarantine at their own houses but strictly followed by the local public health authorities.

The President of the Italian National Institute of Health has mentioned how this increase was within their expectations, as a consequence of the infections occurred prior to the strict containment measures put in place since last week.

In the next week, they expect to see a reduction in the daily numbers of infections, thanks to those measures.

We appreciate some people might want to have some more time to assess the situation before deciding whether to take their trip to Italy now or postpone it.

Of course there have been some limitations in the affected areas which all of us understand and appreciate. But these limitations make us feel confident that we will all see an improvement in the situation very soon. Not to forget that the warm season is just around the corner and it is very unusual for a virus to survive during those seasons in Italy, with the high temperatures we have here.

For the rest, the majority of our wonderful Museums, Monuments, Gardens, Rivieras, Cities and Borgos are fully open to visits. Life carries on here in Italy, we continue filling our streets with the scents of our delicious homemade Lasagna, our Tuscan Steak Bones and our Tiramisu'. You will hear people singing in the streets or talking with a friend about where to go tonight. We open bottles of our valuable wines and toast with our friends and families! We still speak loudly and gesticulate as we were doing a week ago!

What else can we tell you? We cannot wait to have you here and share with you the landmarks and the off-the-beaten path destinations, the culture and the food of our Country. Nothing has changed today and nothing you will find changed in the next few weeks, when you will come visit us!

Don't stop dreaming about your wonderful trip to Italy! This is only a temporary situation, we all know that.

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