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Tourism: Rome discounts for young people in August.

The tourist department of Rome’s city council has announced “Agosto a Roma”, an initiative offering discounts and special offers to young people aged 18 to 30 during August.

Discounts are available in various categories including accommodation (hotels, bed and breakfast, bungalows), restaurants and cultural events. The initiative also includes discounted train tickets to Rome starting from a 10 per cent reduction on ordinary tickets and 20 per cent on “last-minute” deals. Other examples include discounted package deals for weekends in the city, 15 per cent off the cost of sun beds and umbrellas at Ostia and dinners at selected beach restaurants starting from €15 a person, and 20 per cent off the price of tickets to the opera at the baths of Caracalla.

The programme is intended to entice young tourists to Rome during what can be the hottest month and encourage both residents and visitors to discover the city when it is least crowded.

For more information see the city council’s web site Protected content or call Protected content .

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