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Twinkling: Invitation to a beheading (Rome)

My Canadian politeness, my catlike curiosity, my relentless search for new horizons gets me into more trouble than a woman in a sitcom and I did it again. I accepted a twinkle. And this time from whom? A man who claims to be American. Nothing wrong with that, I dare say. I do like some American men (Updike, Roth, Dr Oz --okay I lied about the third). But this man not only had no profile...he had no head.
Some men hide behind shades, i.e. eye glasses, which is pitiful. Some are slightly cut off due to unfortunate limitations. Photos without borders!
But in this case, I make a case for a deliberate attempt on the part of the poser--he allowed his own head to be cut off.
And I accepted a twinkle from this man?
An invitation to a beheading, indeed.
So where, pray tell, am I headed? Or beheaded?

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