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want back (reward): stolen MacBook Pro laptop (Rome)

Just a word of alert for those of you out MacBook Pro laptop was robbed off me on Saturday evening 12.07.14 at 22:30 in the playground/park next to Scuola Media Gianicolo on via Anton Giulio Barrili/Largo Alfredo Oriani (Monteverde Vecchio neighborhood, where there's Provincia di Roma wireless internet access) by 2 guys probably in their mid-20s (and dark visors -- so most likely making rounds) who drove their scooter through the playground and lifted the laptop off my lap while I was sitting on the park bench. It's a relatively busy park full of families on a summer night. People come and go, and they targeted right when a family had left and before another came. PLEASE PLEASE keep your guard up so this does not happent o you, too...

If, by any chance, anyone was in the neighborhood or saw anything, please contact me. I have things of great sentimental value on the laptop...letters, pictures, my art, work and music...that I just really want to have back!! I am offering a reward. It was a metal unibody Protected content , top lid dented towards body of laptop on hinge side -- far right edge when you're about to open the laptop, missing screw on bottom hinge side (rightmost screw when hinge side away from you), bottom has a couple of outward dents from internal screws as if the bottom was pressed in by a broad surface. Official CK IT Solutions sticker on bottom (refurbished).

Please pass the word on -- THANK YOU...and please please please do not let the same thing happen to you....sometimes I let my guard down in Europe because there are fewer violent crimes, but there are certainly just as many petty annoyances as these

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