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getting a job without speaking Dutch? OPINIONS!!:) (Rotterdam)

Hi all,
I applied to the Erasmus University for a postgraduate MSc course, but as my savings are only enough to keep me running for two or three months, I would really need to find a part-time job as soon as possible. I am a Doctor of Medicine, and I have a significant amount of NGO experience and also some in the field of research. I am an EU citizen, and apart from English, I also speak Spanish, some Italian and Portuguese. As I would be studying Health Economics and Policy, I would love to do something in that field, but of course I'm not particularly picky (although it would be great to avoid McDonalds). Commuting anywhere is also not a problem.

Do you think it is possible to find something, or it would be wiser to delay my studies until I have enough savings to finance the whole year? (I would REALLY love to start it now)
Thanks so much for your input! :)

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