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Models Needed !!!

I am in a fun contest for "Mary Kay Bingo" to give a free facial to a woman in each of the following categories.No obligation to purchase anything afterward but if you do, you get a free Mary Kay Eye Color or Mary Kay Lip Balm by just for helping me complete my goal! Please share widely and tag friends! PM me if you can help!

These are the FOUR categories I still need filled:

Someone who is a teacher
Someone who is a banker
A volunteer in the community
A president of an organization

Additional Categories that give me bonus points:

New Mom
Expecting Mom
Stay at Home Mom
Someone who works in an office
Someone who works in a restaurant
Someone who works retail
Someone with a short haircut
A current student (college or grad school)
Someone who just moved to the area
Someone who has lived abroad for over a year
Newly married
Married for over a year
Someone who doesn’t wear makeup
Someone with a PhD
Someone who works in healthcare (nurse, doctor, chiropractor etc)
Someone who works in food service
Someone with an October birthday
Someone who has their own blog or YouTube channel
A vegetarian
A blonde
A redhead
A brunette
A grandmother
Someone in their first job out of college
Someone in college
Someone who dyes their hair
Someone who has gone gracefully grey
Someone with curly hair
Someone who speaks more than one language
Someone who knows sign language
If you KNOW ANYONE who might be interested, tag them or send me their way! Thank you so much!

And PM me if you want for some FREE Mary Kay pampering !

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