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Moving to Russia

Moving to Russia is not an easy task. Not only do expats have to choose between many possible future hometowns — the country’s surface area is gigantic. Russian visa regulations for expats often pose another obstacle. Let our guide assist you prior to your move to Russia.
The iconic Red Square has come to be the representative image of Russia.

Moving to Russia is often synonymous with relocation to Moscow in the minds of many expats-to-be. But how could you reduce the significance of this gigantic country, the largest worldwide, to just its capital? There are many more places that make Russia attractive to expats. We have compiled a short selection below.

Moscow — The Russian Capital

It should be obvious to even the most casual observer of the country that the unparalleled center and main focus for expats moving to Russia is Moscow. We have previously given in-depth info for expats interested in moving to the Russian capital in our guide to moving to Moscow. Little remains to be added, the city’s importance and attractiveness for expats and nationals alike remains unchallenged.

Saint Petersburg — Explore the Treasures of the City

A good portion of expats relocating to the former superpower move to its westernmost metropolis: Saint Petersburg, often abbreviated “Piter” by its inhabitants. As an expat in St. Petersburg, you are in for a real treat. Not only does moving to Russia’s Baltic Sea coast give you access to some of the best business and employment possibilities in the entire nation, but it also rewards you with breathtaking architecture and countless possibilities and treasures for the culturally inclined. After all, you’re moving to Russia’s former capital and seat of the emperors of Russia, the Tsars.

Piter is among the most important centers for trade, research, and industry in all of Russia, and a close second place in significance for expats. The city’s three large ports, offices and headquarters of many major national and international companies, and its status as financial hub make Russia’s gate to Europe and the world a highly interesting option for expatriates.

Yekaterinburg — The City at the Imaginary Border

Of course, a move to the Russian Federation will also prove fruitful if you decide not to relocate to the two giants in the west. Just east of the imaginary border between Europe and Asia, in the Ural region, Yekaterinburg awaits with many incentives in all things metal.

Due to the rich variety of natural resources in the Ural Mountains, particularly minerals and ores, machinery and metallurgy are booming in the city and the entire region. Moving to Russia’s first Asian “outpost” will become even more interesting soon, with the construction of Yekaterinburg-City, a large industrial park, reaching its final stage of construction.

Novosibirsk — Russia’s Heartland

When thinking of moving to Russia, avoiding Siberia is certainly among the first things that come to mind. To most, Siberia is just a frozen stretch of nothing, but that does not do the region justice at all. As Siberia is an important repository for all kinds of natural resources and notable for its industrial output, venturing into Russia’s central region can prove a beneficial career step for a lot of expats.

One of the main points of interest for foreigners in the region is undoubtedly Novosibirsk, located in southwestern Siberia. The third largest city of the Russian Federation boasts an impressive industrial sector, producing machinery of various sorts from arms to agricultural implements, as well as an emerging IT sector. Russia’s heartland is also an interesting option for expats pursuing careers in science, as Novosibirsk is one of the more important centers of research in a country with impressive educational standards.

Nizhny Novgorod — Perfect for IT Jobs

Those expats choosing time abroad in Russia as a step forward in their IT career might want to take a closer look at Nizhny Novgorod. The fifth largest city of Russia is one of the centers for software and hardware in the nation. Also, it has a flourishing engineering industry specializing in the production of motors, engines, and automobiles. Incentives for moving to Russia’s Volga-Vyatka economic region, the center of which is Nizhny, will probably become even more numerous soon, with the opening of an industrial park with a focus on IT.


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