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Britex inplications (Salzburg)


Hi everyone

I could not find anything related to this on the forum. Apologies if there is something I've missed.

I joined the forum after purchasing a home in the Saalachtal and had every intention of moving there full-time, registering my wife & I as residents and learning Deutsch.

Shortly afterwards however, I was offered work elsewhere and took it. Consequently, the wife & I are, so we believe, registered with the Gemeinde as temporary (holiday home) residents. This leads me to my query:

It may be too soon to tell, but What are the implications of the UK vote to leave the EU, for people in our position (Brits owning property in Austria but not resident ao to speak)?

Grateful for any constructive comments, we are here until 30th July (renovation work & late spring clean of exterior & interior). Salzburg is Protected content drive so could meet for tea/coffee/beer?!


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