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COSMETICO (Griesgasse 27, Salzburg) - avoid it!!!

I am writing this post not only for women, but also for men to spread a word about the unfair situation which occurred to me there.

31st of May I had an appointment for a manicure in Cosmetico (Anti-aging, Pflege & Co.). After it was done, I paid 35 euro, went out from the beauty shop, looked at the nails and was horrified. Half of shapes were destroyed totally as if she bit my nails. I asked my husband to call with the beauty shop immediately, but it was Saturday we couldn't get the manager. We took a picture of the damaged nails and on Monday before holidays I went to another manicurist. When we came back from holidays my husband called and wrote two E-mail to the owner Frau Gudrun Leitner. The woman ignored them totally so last Monday we decided to talk personally to her, because I wanted to get my money back as I had to pay to another manicurist for correction. We had a very long discussion, when I showed the picture of the damaged nail, she said: "There is a wave, but her worker tried her best". Then she said: "IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN AUSTRIA, THEN YOU HAVE TO SPEAK GERMAN". This is really weird and humiliating phrase considering the fact that the beauty shop is situated in the touristic center Protected content walk from Getreidegasse, it is also weird, because the city is a touristic center itself, it is double weird not to understand simple English phrase in 21st century, as well as to pretend not to understand German (my level is B1). Frau Gudrun Leitner rejected any refund too!

This place knows everyone who works around and they send people there, but I definitely suggest to avoid this place, especially for tourist, non-german-speakers, in general because of bad service they provide and way they treat clients.
Frau Leitner is confident that never mind what the result of work, if her worker made her job, she must to be paid even for a BAD DONE work. This woman doesn't know how to treat clients, her behaviour is unacceptable!!!

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