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house/apartment rental prices (Salzburg)

Hi all,

My name is Silvia, and I'm Portuguese. I live in Lisbon with my husband and baby girl.
My husband had a job offer in salzburg, he's a software engineer, and since we have this dream of moving to Austria haunting us for quite a while now, we are trying hardly to quickly decide if we go for it or not...
We are trying to do the maths the best we can in order to know if we can live in Salzburg with the salary he has been offered (here I work too, I'm a landscape architect, but if we move, at least until I find something, I will be unemployed).
So we would appreciate if someone could tell us some average utilities costs and average rental prices. If it's "easy" to find a house for a family of three ...things like that.

thank you so much for your help,


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