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Save 112 Emergency number in you phone! (Salzburg)

Ok, this might be an odd request, but I just witnessed a woman get hit by a car and the best way I could help her was to call the police and ambulance. But I froze - I stood there thinking "133 or 144" instead of just dialing one of them, because I couldn't remember which (if either) of them was right from my first aid training. The woman next to me didn't know either, and just kept screaming and crying and yelling at me to call the police. Luckily there was a man across the street who knew and was already calling... the police got there in a few minutes and the woman who had been hit was still conscious, so in the end it looked good for her. But that was such a helpless feeling, and I don't want to have it again, so now I've saved all the numbers at the top of my contacts list. This might be a strange request for an Internations post, but it could also save a life, who knows?
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