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Tip of the day: Decorating with white. (San Diego)


Spring is almost here. All these beautiful colors inspires you to add a splash of color in your home. One problem: You are terrified to choose the wrong color combination or just have no idea how to put it all together. So you decide to stay in all white. That can look a little more like a hospital than a cozy home.

So how do you deal with the dilemma ?This is where Morrocking Interiors steps in to help you go back to your Zen mode:-).
1- Pick one color that you absolutely love and paint an accent wall in the space of your choice. The other walls remain white.
2- Display your white furniture and choose pillows, rug, curtains, or kitchen towels to match the accent wall color so it ties the look without overwhelming it.
3- If you are not sure about a particular color but can definitely live with a black and white them, go for it. That's the easiest combination to decorate with.

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