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Transferring back what was learned as an expat (San Diego)

As a former expat multiple times and understanding the valuable developmental experience such assignments can be, some colleagues in Germany, Japan, Australia and the U.S. are taking a rigorous approach to determining what factors determine whether a repat is successful at transferring the valuable skills, perspective, knowledge, etc. gained during expatriation back to the home site. As many of you know, firms and NGOs, agencies, etc. do not do a good job of managing this process. We are especially looking for repats who have returned between the period of November Protected content November Protected content . Please share your experience with us. This is the link for the survey that is divided into two parts (2/3 of the survey is in the first part and 1/3 is in the second part). You can stop anytime during the survey and then pick back up later (just note the section and question you ended with): Protected content

All repats will be grateful for your contribution so we can help firms and other organizations acknowledge and access an expat's tremendous experience.

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