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"Business sojourners" for free mirror meditation: (San Francisco)

Hello fellow expats! This is Sam, down at Sofia University in Palo Alto. I'm running an interesting study as part of my dissertation research you may be interested in. Are you experiencing some culture stress as a first time "business sojourner" (defined below) in the Bay Area? I'm investigating a free mirror-meditation process that may bring relief. The last participant described it as "deeply comforting." See the study website at Protected content .

Do you work for a company that employs business sojourners in the Bay Area? Feel free to pass this study information forward.

Best regards, Sam Root, Sofia University, Protected content Meadow Circle, Palo Alto

"Business sojourners" = temporary non-immigrant workers to the U.S., on visas: A-1, A-2; B-1; H-1B, H-4; L-1A, L-1B; O-1, or O-3.

A: Foreign government employee traveling on official business
B: Temporary business visitor
H: Foreign skilled worker or partner/spouse
L: Intracompany executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge transferee
O: Person with extraordinary ability in business or partner/spouse

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