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Contemplating move San Francisco...

... and a little nervous about losing all of the comforts of Austria!
My husband is a pretty successful software engineer but he doesn't want to be the big fish in the small pond. He wants to gain more experience in a bigger company. So he is applying in Silicon Valley.

It is all a big IF due to the H1B being a lottery, bla bla. That said, if this all happens- I would not have a Visa and not be able to work. Only he would. He would probably earn a software engineer salary of $ Protected content . This would be for both of us and eventually children.

We would really love to live in the city if we do move. We were there for 3 weeks last year as research and loved it.

My concern is that so much less is included in a salary than here. We would have health care costs on top of that, might have to drive (we don't drive in Vienna)... Then there are the astronomical housing costs. I have been looking around to get a feel and it seems as if housing would have to be 50% of take home in order to not be in the ghetto or have a real bedroom.

Has anyone made such a move? How was it? Can you tell me if living on one income will be really difficult? I am finding it hard to get a feel for how far a salary like that can take you.

Would appreciate any tips or advice!

Thank you in advance!


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