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From SF to Valencia: Sun, Sex and Startups (San Francisco)

You gotta love Valencia! 5 month after moving from San Francisco, I sure can tell why Valencia has been the #1 destination voted by foreigners to live and work during the last two years.

Cost of living. Let’s say that your $3,500 one-bedroom SF apartment costs here less than $500. Your $450 partial-coverage health insurance is $0 universal coverage. The $XX,XXX student loan of your children is here… yes, $0 too. And the list goes on an on.

Weather. There was a very famous ad about Spain that said “Spain is not just sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex (repeated 50 times)… is also sun and sand”. Valencia has probably the best weather in Spain.

Commuting. I drive a vespa. The forth one I have. There is no better vehicle to drive in Valencia. The city has the perfect weather, size and traffic volume for it. I fill the tank once a week for $5. I park everywhere for $0.

Startups. I am the CEO of a global tech startup in Valencia. We do SaaS for a $32B market that will be $125B in 7 years. We are a team of 5 working inside a business accelerator surrounded by many other companies like ours. Valencia is becoming a significant Tech Hub, and it is sure getting the attention of many foreign entrepreneurs, startups and investors.

People. Where on earth can you find a fancy restaurant willing to host the painting exhibition of your old mother? I persuaded mine to start painting as a way to better deal with her health condition a while ago. She is not Picasso, but she enjoys it and is very happy to have her painting exhibited in such a fancy place for one month. Like those restaurant owners, people here is warm and money is not the value of people.

International. Valencia has a constant flow of international people. It is easy to find and organize international events. You don’t miss the international environment of SF. Meetings here are more relaxed, less organized and exciting.

You gotta love Valencia! Greetings to the SF gang!


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