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Mystery shopping assignment (fashion) (San Francisco)


My name is Menno Liebregts and I am working for AQ Services, a mystery shopping company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Protected content

What is mystery shopping? Mystery Shopping is a tool where people like you observe the quality of products/services in numerous industries while pretending to be an actual customer. By means of clear instructions and training, the Mystery Shopper anonymously visits locations, performs a scenario and registers his/hers findings in a survey. For instance you go to a store and observe the cleanliness of the location, have a sales conversation with an employee and ask questions to test the employees´ knowledge. You report about your shopping experience and we process the information and report it back to our clients. The performance delivered by the employees is measured and compared to the desired performance. This helps companies to determine what their weaknesses are and where they can improve. Therefore mystery shopping is a tool to improve customer service and it keeps employees on their toes.

Currently, we are looking for a mystery shoppers who want to participate in our Global Benchmark program.

With this project we will be comparing the service performance from luxury/mid-luxury and mainstream brands in different big cities all over the world. The visits are very easy and will take approximately 10 minutes. After the visit a short multiple choice questionnaire has to be filled in, in order to evaluate the service performance of any staff in the store.

Available cities in your country:
- San Francisco

Shop Fee:
Protected content 120.00 USD

Own store location can be chosen, but it has to be located in the primary tourist area. (The official brand store has to be visited!)

Proof of the visit: A picture of the exterior of the brand shop.

The deadline for this project is the 12th of February

Please let me know if you are available and interested to do this visit.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Menno Liebregts
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