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Neighborhood breakdown please? (San Francisco)

Moving to SF in September and will be renting the first year. As Ive never even been to this city I need a neighborhood breakdown to help narrow my search for a area I'd like. Ive read lots of city guides online but its always best to hear it from the locals.
Looking for: not more than average 30 min commute to Paulo Alto, within walking distance to restaurants, bars, shops and dog parks. I love walking/ biking and prefer local city transportation over long drives.
Trying to avoid the following: too up& coming areas (hood), overly young & hipstery, family& kids only, college student infested blocks, too elderly & sleepy.
Would be nice to avoid the foggy side too. Rent budget is up to $3500.
Ive previously lived in the following cities/neighborhoods, might give you an idea of what might be my cup of tea:
West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Dupont, Washington DC
South Beach, Miami, FL
Coconut Grove, Miami, FL
Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

All input greatly appreciated!

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