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problems getting work visa for "teacher" (San Francisco)

I was hired at a school in SA but they did not tell me that they tend to bring people over on ESL teaching VIsas. I do not have an ESL cert and was hired late so there is not time to get ESL proper cert. ....There was company hired by the SA company to handle the visa process and the liason for a second company at the consulate advised the afore mentioned comcpany that the visa needs to state what my certification is in...not ESL. They claim that Teachers with my expertise are hired within Saudi. Can they not do paperwork to prove I have special skills not available there since it is an international school and not a local school? I have many years of international teaching in my area of expertise as well as unique training and skills that most teachers in my area do not have. I have a feeling they are just making me jump through hoops and/or making me wait.... I'm afraid tho that the school may just decide to hire someone less qualified who has an ESL cert...
They claim that it is the Saudi Consolate in the US that is the problem and that they only have issues with the SA consulate in the US in the particular city they are going through. I don't know if this is true or not. I have taught in the middle east before and know how certain things are just a pain ...just becau;se...and for no other reason, or are one way for one person, and another way for another person with no apparant reason.
Does anyone have any ties to the Saudi Consolate in the US or a contact who might be able to help? I have a minor in English Classical LIterature Studies and writing but I don't know ifi that will do it .

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