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Sam Altman for Governor!!! (San Francisco)

Go Sam!!!

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Y-Combinator president Sam Altman is launching a new initiative to try and create political solutions in his home state and potentially the nation.

The president of the wildly successful accelerator — which has backed startups like Airbnb, Dropbox and Stripe — has launched a basic minimum income initiative in Oakland, traveled across the country to take its political pulse, and toyed with the idea of running for Governor in California. Those efforts have culminated in Altman’s United Slate for California and, potentially, America.

In a statement on the new United Slate website, Altman lays out the problems the country faces:

"Today, we have massive wealth inequality, little economic growth, a system that works for people born lucky, and a cost of living that is spiraling out of control. Most young people think their lives will be worse than their parents’ lives, which should set off alarm bells for us all.

Most people’s lives are not what they pictured—they feel like they have great potential that is being wasted.

We are in the middle of a massive technological shift—the automation revolution will be as big as the agricultural revolution or the industrial revolution. We need to figure out a new social contract, and to ensure that everyone benefits from the coming changes.

We need to get back to a functioning government. If the process can work again, we have a chance to solve our biggest problems."

Go Sam!!!

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