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Struggling business sojourners to Bay Area? (San Francisco)

Hi. My name is Sam Root. Down at Sofia University in Palo Alto, I am a PhD psychology student who is conducting research that may interest you or someone you care about.

I'm testing the effects of an interesting mirror-meditation process on culture-stress effects in temporary business sojourners (defined below) to the Bay Area. The last participant described mirror meditation for culture stress as "deeply comforting."

Personally, I'm multinational myself and love working with fellow intrepid world travelers! See the study website for participation criteria, spread the word, and don't hesitate to ask me questions.

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"Business sojourners" = temporary non-immigrant workers to the U.S., on visas: A-1, A-2; B-1; H-1B, H-4; L-1A, L-1B; O-1, or O-3.

A: Foreign government employee traveling on official business
B: Temporary business visitor
H: Foreign skilled worker or partner/spouse
L: Intracompany executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge transferee
O: Person with extraordinary ability in business or partner/spouse

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