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Billionaire Ed Mercer comes to Costa Rica. (San José)

Your once in "A Life Time opportunity" to work with Billionaire Ed Mercer has arrived.
Interviews with candidates starting this week contact me today, we have only 10 people to work with in the next 90 days.

About Ed: Being an entrepreneur all his life, Ed Mercer has devoted himself to personal success and that of those around him. Mr. Mercer has owned several of his own businesses taking them to the top of their field. As a self-made millionaire at age 27 he has amassed an incredible repertoire of achievements; including working around the world and helping 50 other people become millionaires.
Considering Costa Rica his home, Mr. Mercer has become an active philanthropist and member of Habit for Humanity, National Geographic, The World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and many other similar organizations. Ed Mercer has set his target to give back and help the community around him. His greatest personal achievement is the founding of “The Edward R. Mercer Foundation” which is dedicated to the betterment of the planet through ecological conservation and education.
Grab a copy of his “Eight Grade Millionaire” book which is not intended to be a motivational book that will give you the answers to all of the pitfalls that you may face in life. This book is simply designed to get you thinking about what you want out of life, how to begin on your journey of achieving your goals and it includes inspiring stories throughout the chapters to help you reflect when times get tough.

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