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Family moving to Costa Rica (San José)

Hello. My family and I are possibly moving to Costa Rica in October and will stay for approximately two years while I complete a short-term in-country project for my company. I have two young children (under three) and we have a lot of questions that i'm hoping some of you might be able to help answer.

I will be working in San Jose and looking for recommendations of good areas to live. We will be renting -- so any ideas on what I can expect from a monthly rent perspective? We would like at least three bedrooms and preferably an outside area for my girls to play -- even a pool maybe?

I'm also interested in childcare for my children while my wife works part time. Any tips on how to go about finding a reputable care giver? We definitely want both girls to learn Spanish. And, would love some ideas for things my wife can do with the girls while she isn't working.

I've been researching vehicles and, from what I can tell from my initial search, they are much more expensive than in the U.S. Is that the case?

Overall, just looking for some feedback/tips on a family looking to relocate from the U.S.

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