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Fundin trial living and business development trip. (San José)

Dear community,

As you might have seen, I have been looking to migrate away from Holland.
After 6 years unemployment and seeing jobs go to anyone but the natives here like myself, I can't afford to stay in this Holland situation as a single mom and an Iranian permanent foreigner...

So, next changes ready to grab.
I just am missing love and endorsements. These could be the following;

- share contacts so I meet new people
- connect me with any job opportunity or project
- I am a multilingual multitool, so feel free to share my profile
- ...last but not least, I would need some pocket money;-) #DARETOASK

Here is my Paypal to be used, shared or loved hahahha
Thanks for noticing me;-)

I will report when I get back. Gone from 11th January for 2 months research. I would love to share with whom it might concern and I would love to occupy myself with possible requests from you.

Pura VIda folks

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