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Hello! New member and very intersted. (San José)

I have been researching for about 3 months now and have made the decision that as soon as funds permit, I am going to move to Costa Rica. I love offshore fishing and the beach, but also want to be close to medical facilities, if possible.

I have been looking at land and houses as well as condos and find it frustrating at times. There is no one stop site (they don't do MLS) to look at properties although a few have teamed together. It appears the best way to find somewhere to live is to rent somewhere and then look into the different areas.

Any horror stories or recommendations? I see Jaco and Playa de Hermosa appear to be the best areas for fishing, but they are also the most expensive. Is it worth the extra money to be closer to the water or is inland better?

Thanks ahead of time. Joe

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