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Help finding ADD Treatment / Medication (San José)



I'm looking for more information about ADD medications available in Costa Rica. Specifically I want to know:

1. What ADD medications are available here?
2. Can PCPs prescribe mental health drugs, or do I have to go to a psychiatrist?
3. What should I expect to pay for a psychiatrist visit in the San Jose area?
4. What pharmacies consistently carry these prescriptions?

Here's my situation: I've been treated for ADD for Protected content , since college. I moved here 3 months ago with my boyfriend. The HR person assisting us with our move assured us that my stimulant medication (Adderall XR) was available here, so I did not get an Rx filled this summer while in the US.

Apparently, she was wrong. Now that I'm here, everyone keeps telling me Ritalin and Concerta are the only drugs available to treat ADD. I'm open to trying different treatment options, but I don't really respond well to methylphenidates. They just don't really work for me.

HR also hooked me up with a psychiatrist who charges $125 for EVERY SESSION — even if the purpose of the visit is to get a new prescription. In the US, my PCP prescribed my medication, and all I had to do was pick up a new prescription every month. Every few months she'd have me come in for a short visit to discuss the meds, my symptoms, etc. Anyone know how the process is supposed to work here?

Hopefully, this isn't too much information to share but I really need to get this sorted out. I work freelance and my inability to concentrate is starting to impact my bottom line! Any information you all can share would be IMMENSELY helpful. I'm really frustrated and not sure where to turn for help!

Thanks in advance!

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