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IS food in CR ALL Fijoles Y Arroz? (San José)

I am serious about recocating to CR and hear alot about BEANS & RICE. While learning about traditional foods IS important, I find that rather limiting. I am a self-taught cook, a vegetarain and I eat 80% organics and am on a fairly strict diet . I have a great collection of cookbooks (including creole, carribean, Indian etc), and enjoy cooking for myself and others. I have been known to cook from scratch - breads, cookies, cakes, pizza and pie crusts etc.. SO, I am wondering if I can buy what need (spices, Organic soy milk, ORGANIC flours and sugars as well as ORGANIC DAIRY products, and minimal canned products) and if it is too cost prohibitve. I know some celebs live down there, and THEY must get similiar food. Are there good health food stores in SOME cities? Any tips on cost of direct importing OR food distributors? I assume I will need a supply of AIR-tight containers in such humidiity!

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