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Ladies Beware (San José)

I've received two letters ( emails) from men asking for my email address. The first one I assumed was here in CR so I gave him my email address. He sent me a long letter with lots of pictures of a 50 some odd yr. old man and his 11 year old son, from Puerto Rico, where I spent many years in my youth, saying he had a son and he was in Dubai and he'd love to meet me. I answered with some info about where I lived in PR etc, but that I didn't believe in long distance relationships. Anyway one day goes by and suddenly his son is in the hospital and he can't get to a bank and please send 3,000 dollars to a bank in Puerto Rico. Duh, I immediately blocked his emails. Now I'm getting more emails from Dubai at my Internations box. Just a word to the wise, be careful who you give your email address to, there are lots of scammers out there. You may now return to your pleasant week end in Costa Rica...or Dubai or where ever you are.

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