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looking to relocate family (San José)

Greetings, my wife and myself are looking to potentially relocate ourselves and two children, age 7 and 11. I am retiring from the canadian armed forces and we also own a gym/ yoga studio. We are looking at purchacing a B&B or small hotel/retreat so that we can continue offering yoga retreats..Other then our own reasons for wanting to move, our son sufferers from Asbergers, and we feel the simpler life would benifit him greatly. My question is, it states you can own and manage but not work at your buisness, only Tico's can work, totally understand this concept, and we would have employee's but if we are offering a trademark style of training in which no Tico is qualified then would we be able to teach at our buisness? Also as far as the 90 day visa, does the entire family have to leave the country and for how long till you can re enter, and do you get another 90 day visa? I have seached the net and forum but getting alot of different answers.. we are looking at visiting Costa Rica again this summer to look at some properties, and would love to meet with some Expats and get info about schooling, best places to live ect..

Thank you


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