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Move to San Jose, Costa Rica as Expat (San José)

Hello everyone. I am new to this site and looking for input or any assistance you all can provide.

My US based employer is actually setting up a company in CR to start doing business in a Joint Venture with a Costarican company. As I speak Spanish (and German) it has been decided, to my delight, that I will run operations for Latin America, as GM, out of the new office in San Jose. We have engaged a law firm to help us with the entire process and it's underway. They will likely help me with the Visas and permits needed.

I have spent a whole month in and around Escazu, and really like the area, as I'm sure everyone does. I have requested expat benefits (housing, moving/storage and car/transportation allowance, international schools for the kids, medical and dental insurance, etc). I contacted a Realtor to start the house hunting process with my wife. What we've seen online in Escazu and Santa Ana we like very much. The wife and kids will accompany me down to CR for Spring Break to do a little house hunting, school visits, beaches, etc.

We have done a TON of research online, still, the questions I have are:

- what expat benefits are most important? I have my own ideas but would like some perspective. Also, is there a tax break on the first $xxx,xxx of my income in CR?
- is it worthwhile, cost effective to bring our furniture down?
- I've been told that, even after taxes, I could save money by bringing our brand new cars down to CR. True?
- is the Lincoln School as good as the locals say? It looks and sounds excellent!
- other than a work Visa and a business permit, I can't find anything else I need... Am I right?
- by the looks of things, it would appear we are renting for the first Protected content . Is this wise? We may sell or rent our house in the US. Heck, we may even leave it empty to take advantage of the tax benefits. Not sure here...

Sorry for the long post. I hope not to be too repetitive. I looked but did not find recent answers...

Thank you,

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