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my response to a "new" member inquiry (San José)

Hi Sofia,

I like InterNations, it's sort of become a project for me meeting new people and doing fun things.

So you see activity "Groups" like DinnerNations , Dog Lovers, Out & About, Coffee & Brunch. You can click on the "Groups" tab at the top and then click on each group to read about it, see the "wall" of comments & photos and the membership.

Each Activity Group may have one or more activities per month designed for the enjoyment of and to add value to the Albatross Membership. Albatross Members can join any and all of the groups, attend the activities and also "post & host" activities of their own for other members.

You'll see that as a "basic" member you can attend a coupe of activities by clicking to sign up and using a "Trial". After you've used your two trials the pop up will advise you to upgrade your membership to continue enjoying group activities.

Once a month David Black & Rodolfo Viola our InterNations Ambassadors in San José host a "official event"/ gathering that can be attended non members for a fee, basic members for a small fee & Albatross Members for free. I found after paying to attend the "official event" once per month it made more sense for me to become an Albatross Member and have access to all activities.

I hope that this helps, I urge you to get involved and enjoy the group as much as I do.

Pura Vida! Sean

San José Forum