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Questions about the towns around SJ (San José)


I'm trying to get information and answers to some questions to help me hone in on where around SJ would be a good fit for me. I currently live in Mexico and Latina culture is comfortable for me, I do speak Spanish.

If you could give me suggestions based on these questions, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance!

I don't have a car, so I wonder about public transportation – both locally (wherever I might live) and into San Jose. Does it exist? Easy? Difficult? Frequency?

I'd want to live in a place with a local market and organic market. Which places have ferias like this?

How are the areas to live? U.S. suburban feel? Other options?
I love nature, taking nature walks alone (safely), biking. What places have this?

I like being involved with locals on a personal (not volunteer) basis. Which places would have this?

What would distances be like from homes into the nearby town? Are homes always set apart from the towns?

I love to dance. Does SJ or any of the outlying towns have ballroom dancing (classes and dancing)?

Food: I am a professional cook and teacher of authentic Indian cuisine. Will I be able to buy spices somewhere? Where?
Do you think there would be an audience for my classes in the area? Any outlets for Indian cuisine To-Go? Do you think there'd be interest in catering intimate gatherings? How to access these people?

Are there SJ and even more specific (Alejuela, for instance) forums/facebook groups? What are they? How to find them.

What about availability of nuts and seeds (almonds, pecans, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, things like this? If so, where? And free range lamb?

I know it's a lot and maybe in some ways way too broad, but if you could give me some ideas and even suggest other resources for the type of info I seek, that would be wonderful!

Thanks in advance!

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