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review of the national theater cine event (San José)


It seems incredible that after 81 views of an place that was,highly affordable, easy to get to and with great weaher that I may be the only person who actually WENT TO THE EVENT!..for the 80 armchair no shows here is a review oF what you missed
IF you've ever been to the national theater you know that there is not a bad seat in the's an intimate venue nicely crafted and well maintained
Unlike nost symphonic events where it's really not necessary to be close enough to see the cellest draw their bow, this event had a WIDE SCREEN with scenes from all the music the was well edited and very diverse..and as i said before, not a bad vantage seat in the house.
Just to name a few of the cinematic musical numbers there were scenes from BATMAN(the one with the oscar nominaated joker) several disney productions like ALADIN, BEAUTYAND THE BEAST, , THE INCREDIBLES, AVIATAR..THey also put togteher a short section on many of the old shows that are showned here in spainish such as BONANZA,, GET SMART, AND HOGANS HEROS..
They showed the al pacino tango scene from SCENT OF A WOMEN(his only oscar) which had a big applause and scenes from TITANIC which almost brought the house down.. they also did a long editied version of LORD OF THE RINGS AND FINISHED WITH A JOHN WILLAMS 3MOVIE EDIT OF STAR WARS WHICH ALSO WAS A BIG HIT..
To make it more festive theirwere ticos dressed as STORM TROOPERS, DARTH VADERS ELVES AND THE GIANT WIZARD IN THE LORD OF THE RINGS , and photo ops for all in the lobby...well almost all..remember i said these were ticos dressed as darth vader , stroopers and the giant wizard and since i was taller than all of them it really wasn't a photo opfor me, but i'm not complaining , and many ticos/ ticas had their pictures taken for free
I really enjoyed the show and if it turns out that i was the only one of the 80 of you that knew about it..SHAME ON YOU! . when i saw no attempt to organize any meeting here through this site I may very well be the only one who saw it..YOUR LOSS... there is another event at applebees in santa ana next week
so far we have Protected content 3 attendees that are "globally minded"..I hope that number will improve and that people will help with suggestions aand other ways to participate in what COULD BE a very good organization...
now all we need is some volunteers and some organizers!
ciao for now

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