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tv help (San José)

Hello. I am new here; sorry if this is an inappropriate question. But I have an old tv -- and a 3 yr old. He speaks only Spanish, refuses to speak English, even though I only speak English to him. Cabletica has changed all of my channels to Spanish language!! My son never watches English-language TV and I need to change that so he will at least get more exposure to English at home. Does anyone have any clear/simple ideas on what I can do to get mostly English programming? I am not talking about youtube vids or renting movies. I want normal TV with English programming, so that even when I'm watching TV, it's in English, showing my son that English does exist other than Mom speaking it. It seems that I'll have to do something like buy an internet-capable tv and use netflix and/or roku (?) or something else? What I don't want to do is have to press 50 million buttons to watch something in English (like selecting a movie or something via netflix). I want to turn on my darn tv choose a channel, say, Disney Kids, and let my son take his 30-min after-kinder break watching some current tube. Any help would be very appreciated. I should say that I also work via the internet and need a fast connection for work.

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