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Teaching job for American with TEFL certificate (San Salvador)

Hello ,
I am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone has had any luck on optaining an English Teaching job in El Salvador with a TEFL certificate?

I have been living in El Salvador for over 5 years and I just became naturalized in El Salvador ( I have my dui, nit) and optained my permanent residency through my salvadorean husband.

I have a TEFL certificate and am wondering where would be a good place to apply for a teaching position, and if that would be the best option? I was wondering if there are any American companies that would need full 100% bilingual Americans since I also have Accounting/payroll experience for over 3 years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. All this time in El Salvador I have been basically doing work through internet which isnt much and I wasnt working full time due to my small daughter who is already going to start school so I am looking forward to Starting work full time.

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