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2014 Empowerment Course: Healthy YOU! (Santiago de Chile)

“Empower the Chef in YOU: Delicious AND Healthy”
Cooking Course Sept. 13 – Nov 29th Protected content English y español)

This cooking course is for those who enjoy eating and preparing food and are ‘hungry’ for healthier and more conscious alternatives. You will learn how to use wholesome ingredients such as fruits, veggies, nuts, sprouts, raw cacao and more! Our goal is to inspire and empower you with creative alternatives and practical skills needed to prepare nutritional recipes BURSTING with tastiness and BLESSED with love and consciousness!

The course will consists of six Protected content workshops, each with a distinct lesson/theme and respective theory and practical skills.

We use INGREDIENTS, which are:
•Quality, Fresh, Local, Wholesome and Organic!
•Free from: preservatives, colorants and refined sugar
•Free from GMO soy

Course List:

Saturday, September 13th :: “Chile: delicious local secrets”

In this class you will learn about the amazing local products found here in Chile, and moreover, how to creatively incorporate them into healthy recipes! Even many native Chileans overlook some of these special ingredients in the craze for the latest offer at JUMBO. But we have rediscovered them and will teach you how to find them and use them innovatively in your kitchen!

Saturday, September 27th :: “Home~made SWEETS for chocolate lovers ”

Here you will learn how to create delectable home-made sweets using organic raw cacao, pure coconut oil and other top quality natural ingredients. You will take one last long look at refined white sugar and feast your eyes upon a whole new world of natural and wholesome sweeteners Fresh fruits, sweet potato, creamy banana, chocolaty cacao and crunchy nut butters are awaiting YOU!

Saturday, October 11th :: “RAWful Goodness !”

This class will focus on raw LIVE food recipes. In preparing RAW food recipes we take care not to cook the ingredients or heat them over a certain temperature (approximately 42 C or Protected content , thus protecting all nutrients, live enzymes and vital energy offered us by the food. This course will teach very innovative yet simple techniques to create beautiful and healthy raw recipes

Saturday, October 25th :: “Baking with Organic Herbs”

You will learn how to bake using quality integral organic flour infused with aromatic and flavorful organic herbs and spices such as lavender and cinnamon! We will also see some tricks for baking gluten free using flax seed and other alternative ingredients. We bake both with vegan options as well as with free-range organic eggs!

Saturday, November 15th :: “The Good Flora”

This class will introduce you to the magical world of the ‘good flora’ living in our stomache. All of the beneficial flora in our intestines helps us to digest and assimilate nutrients. Although we need the good flora, we want to avoid all of the additives, preservatives and colorants in the yogurt at the supermarket, and some of us would like a non-dairy option. What do we do? We make our own cashew yogurt, fermented Saur kraut and rejuvelac and inform ourselves of dozens of other ways to replenish the good flora in a healthful manner! Don’t miss out on workshop packed with information and practical skills for life!

Saturday, November 29th :: “Energy and Radiance: Juicing w. Wheat Grass ”

This class will focus on simple everyday ways to clean, deeply nourish and reenergize our bodies, hair, skin and every cell within. You will learn about green smoothies, juicing, and how to incorporate the best of all superfoods … wheat grass. Further you will learn about food combination in relation to fruits and vegetables and other tricks for increasing your outer beauty and abundant inner Light~energy!

Each class includes:
Ingredients and materials for all recipes;
Virtual folder with recipes;
Indulgence of all goodies prepared!

Saturdays 10:00 hrs.– 13:00 hrs.

Course Value:
a) Entire Course (6 classes): 240.000 CLP
b) Individual class: 25.000 CLP

Spots limited. Reserve yours with anticipation: Protected content

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