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Anyone feeling home sick? (Santiago de Chile)

Hi everyone, not sure if this is just a phase but at the moment I'm really feeling home sick, where I live in San Antonio there is nothing to do, I find dirty and very noisy and im struggling to be independent here, my husband works everyday with the gas im at home waiting to start a teaching job that starts in a couple of months, I don't have any desire to go out walking since I find the town a real eye sore and dirty, I get bitten by fleas, I just keep thinking of how my life was so different in the UK I was so independent, I miss the coffee shops, book shops, walking through the park without being followed by street dogs, walking into town to meet my mother or brother or a friend for coffee or a drink, I don't know if things will change, but anyway I do love chile maybe its just this town that is getting me down...............

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