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Catfish are present (Santiago de Chile)

I was approached by a supposed InterNations member; introduced himself and after a few short messages asked if I had Whatsapp.

We started chatting and realized his story was stranger than his English; he lived in various countries, including the Netherlands, lived in AZ although his area code was The Hamptons, NY; sd he lived in AZ for 10 years (and never changed his #??!!).

He had blatant agreement issues between his subjects and verbs, and never used punctuation... He didn't small talk much; just direct questions. (Have I ever been in a long distance relationship, etc.) When we didn't talk for a day he "accused" me of not making time for him (this happened in the course of 3 days).

I think this is the latest form because by using Whatsapp they think we can't get their IP Address (but I use Whatsapp online).

I finally confronted him. His reply? "i know you are scam" No kidding.

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