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CLASSY PARTY/CHICOS FINOS!!! (Santiago de Chile)

For those of you who often find yourselves contemplating issues such as:

- "The chaotic state of the S&P 500" or
- "Designing the architecture of your second wine celler (because your first one is overflowing with robust wines ranging from the cascading hills of Bordeaux, France to the plethora of fruitful valleys in Northern California)
- to even "How you scored the winning goal in the final chukker of last weeks polo match"...

Then this next information is pertinate to your future. This is a formal invitation to the first semi-anual CHICOS FINOS. CHICOS FINOS has represented the foundation for all things classy in the States, and now we are bring the class to Santiago. By attending this decorous event you will build upon your classy resume, while simultaneously pleasing the shaman Gods of Class. It is important to bring some of the finest wines from your cellar, along with any secret reserve top-shelf cigars that im sure you have. Suits for the guys and dresses for the ladies is a must.

The party will take place next Saturday the 16th. If you are interested PM me and I will give you the details!!

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