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Cultural differences & coworker support - HELP! (Santiago de Chile)

Hi everyone,

My name is Zoa Ordonez, a fellow internations member based in Charlotte, NC (USA). I am working on my Ph.D. thesis and I could use your help to graduate! I designed a study to examine how cultural differences and host country coworkers' support influence expat's opinions about work. Could you please help me by filling out a couple of surveys? In exchange for your time, you would be entered into a drawing of amazon gift cards of $ Protected content survey) and $75 (second survey). Winners will be announced in late July Protected content .

The target participants for this study are expatriates who meet both of these criteria:
- Are currently working abroad, and
- Moved to a foreign country on a long-term basis (longer than a year, but did not move permanently)

To participate in survey 1, please visit: Protected content . It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

(For your convenience, you are allowed to exit the survey while saving of your progress. To continue from where you left off, log back in the same computer and browser where you started filling it out.)

I would greatly appreciate your support with this project.


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