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Dispute Landlord and Tenant (Santiago de Chile)

Hi there fellow expats. I am wondering if any of you have had this happen to you while renting in Chile? My wife and I rented an apartment in Santiago for 2 years and before we left we cleaned the apartment and took pictures. Sent these to the landlord and got his ok that the apartment looked fine. Then after moving back to the US he will not give us back our deposit. I am fairly positive he is doing this since he knows how difficult it would be for us to fight it from over here.

I'm curious if there are any laws in Chile that would protect the tenant in situations like this. Not just for us but for all the other people coming from other countries that this will inevitably happen to.

I guess i will have to get the landlord to sign off next time? Anyways good luck to those that are currently renting down there now.

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