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Five Minutes of Peace (Santiago de Chile)


Hello Everyone, I have started this new business ‘Five Minutes of Peace’ relating to massage therapy, if you or if you know of anyone that is interested in more information or booking an appointment please contact me at Protected content

Five Minutes of peace is a company, which works with companies to give their employees exactly that Five Minutes of Peace, where you can book an hour appointment for 10,000 pesos and employees take 5 minutes to receive a massage. This massage works on the hands, arms, back, shoulders and head (if desired) to relieve the person of stress, tension and increase a calmer state. The person is still able to function at work after the massage and yet still feels relaxed and happier, which reflects their work performance. It’s important to remember that when a company cares for it’s employees, the employees care too and this is what Five Minutes of Peace does, it helps the company, it helps the employees, and it does so for only 10,000 pesos per hour and not a lot of time is taken away from work- if anything less time is.

Please note that is information is also available in Spanish when requested.

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