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In January in Santiago (Santiago de Chile)

Hi guys, I am german living in Lima, and since my gf is going to participate in a workshop for 1 month in Santiago, I will accompany her for the whole time. But I have no idea at all where to go, what to do, why to do, how to do.... Of course, will read all traveladvisors and websites and forums before...but still...not the same...
Sp I was wondering if you might be planning any gettogether in the beginning of January, or maybe some private meeting somewhere or someone who likes to guide me around?
I am artist & writer, and one of my plans in Santiago - apart of taking tons of photos - might be writing some articles about the local artscene, artists, galerias. Input on this subjects is highly welcomed as well!

In exchange, if anyone comes to Lima one day, I can be a great guide as well ...;) I arrive on the 7th of january.

See you soon!

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