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Introducing myself, new to Santiago (Santiago de Chile)

Greetings InterNations Santiago Persons!

This is Jack (of All Free Trades) now living, working, and playing in Santiago, Chile just here for one week from 12 years doing the same in Beijing, China.

My intention wherever I live is to practice my anarcho-libertarian philosophy I call “Personally Responsible Freedom” and show others why I think it is the best way to bring Peace and Prosperity to all on this planet.

I want to start up groups or meet individuals interested in the following topics:

1. Montessori Education (I am a member of the International Montessori Council and the Montessori Foundation, founded by Tim Seldin in America; I am currently taking Tim’s online course: “Building a World-class Montessori School”.)
2. Parenting & Leadership (Parenting Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) & Leadership Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.)—Thomas Gordon)
3. Choice Theory (AKA Reality Therapy, Control Theory—William Glasser)
4. Heterosexual Relationships understood through Evolutionary Psychology (David Buss, et. al.—I started up “Partners for Life” in Brisbane, Australia Protected content , a relationship consultancy, where I brought single males and females together for permanent partnerships—I was on Australian TV as “relationship consultant”.)
5. Anarcho-libertarianism/capitalism (I think any government is an unnecessary evil)—I want to start up a Freedom School in Santiago, be it Homeschooling and/or online classroom.
6. Life and Executive Coaching (I use the “Co-Active Coaching” model).
7. Cross-Cultural Differences (see my course on
8. “Communicative” Disease (the breakdown of traditional connective ties) and Affective Neuro-scientist Jaak Pankseep’s 7 Emotional Brains—my “Limbic Life Line” community of freely chosen mutually supportive relationships.
9. Philosophy
10. Poetry
11. Painting and the Arts in general (I have artist friends around the world).
12. Fusion (soft) jazz
13. The worldwide economic and political collapse and reset as understanding the “Banksters” who control the governments who control the masses—go to my website ( Protected content ) and download for free: “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and be prepared to have your world view totally challenged.
14. Austrian Economics—including Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, et. al.
15. Doing business with Chinese investors.
16. My three projects for Santiago: 1) The Source: A Montessori Pre-School; 2) Home for Hungry Hearts Café; Protected content Inn—A Boutique Hotel
17. Systems and Chaos Theory
18. Revisionist History (why what you learned in your government schools is at best half-truths and at worst, whole-lies).
19. Atheism—Richard Dawkins, et. al.
20. Anthropology—especially Weston La Barre and his book “Ghost Dance”.

There are another dozen or so topics I am familiar with and passionate about; I have a digital library of some 8 Terrabytes, including thousands of digital books on a huge range of subjects as well as thousands of videos, audios and images. I know a little about a lot rather than a lot about a little. Try me: I am “Resource” for your “Source”. I am enthusiastic about making as many “Free Friends” as possible here in Chile, so I welcome all enquiries. My email: Protected content

CHeers from Jack now gone from CHaotic CHina to CHill Out in CHile!

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