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Job hunting is tough! (Santiago de Chile)

Hi all!

I'm job hunting for over 2 months now in Santiago and am having zero luck. I have a certification to teach English & Business English and some experience translating documents, I was thinking of doing that for now while I get settled, but no institute has gotten back to me (even though I was told they are earnestly looking for people by more than one institute, and that I'd be called for an interview, "soon"). I also have a Master's in Zoology/Ecology and a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Assessment/Remediation, but I haven't heard anything from the jobs I've applied to in that field, of which there aren't many it seems. Not having a professional network in the country seems to be one of my problems as I know Chile is big on "word-of-mouth" hiring.

Any tips or info on jobs in English or the environment sector anyone?

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