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Lawsuit (Santiago de Chile)

Hello everybody i have been living in santiago for 6 months now and i'm loving it but the other day i had an incident , i was walking home after a night out and walked past a fence which had 3 security dogs in it, I put out my had close to the fence and was pulled in and bitten by one and then attacked by the other 3 .This of course was stupid on my part but i have some quite serious injuries and have spent quite a lot on medical care.

To cut this story short i was wondering if anyone knows where i stand from a legal point of view , these dogs are dangerous and this could happen to anyone. There are no signs and anyone who gets very close could be attacked. I have been to the police and been given a constanza , i then went to the people who own the dog which happens to be a Nissan car dealership , now they say they are going to get lawyers involved , and obviously being an expat i can not afford a lawyer so what i need to know is are they breaking any laws, should they have signs and should the dogs be kept far away from the fence.

Any advice or help would be fantastic , thank you very much.

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