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Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Officer. (Santiago de Chile)

I have lived in Chile for about a year now, when not working at sea and my fiancee has lived here for ten years.

I am currently working full time at sea, as a Marine Engineering Officer on ships owned by buisiness' that own Merchant Navy vessels (non-combatant),

My qualifications include university equivilance in academics and vocational qualifications as educated in the United Kingdom;
Certificate of Competency OOW Engineering MCA UK STCW 95
HND Marine Engineering
NVQ Level 3 Marine Engineering Operations

I also carry the extra qualifications of
Advanced Fire Fighting
CPSC (Lifeboat)
Elementary First Aid
Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
Personal Survival Techniques at Sea
Proficiency in Medical First Aid aboard Ships

I have over two years experience as an officer, and almost 6 years experience in the navy working as an engineer.

What kind of engineering job opportunities are there for me in Chile? And what are the approximate salaries?

I realise as this is a general expat forum it is a bit of a long shot asking these questions, but thought it might be a good place to start. Thank you for your time.

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