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Mining Engineer seeks job (or advice) in Santiago (Santiago de Chile)

Hi all!

I am American who moved here 3 weeks ago for my fiances job. I am having a bit of trouble with the job market here. I have been working as a Project Engineer / Project Manager for 5 years since University in Australia and the USA. I have always been in the machinery or mining industry so when I came to Santiago, I thought it would be a bit difficult but not impossible to find a job. My spanish is intermediate (currently taking courses) but my problem is this...
My fiances contacts at work got me 3 quick interviews with big companies (EPCMs) all in the field I wanted. They said all work was in English so it wasn't an issue. One job has contacted me (after alot of persistence on my part) and told me it wouldn't be possible to hire me for at least 3 months and the others I have heard nothing from. In the last 3 weeks I have send hundreds of emails to different companies, had dozens of phone conversations but have really heard nothing back, not even an email saying "not interested"

My friends here say to simply be patient....they also say that most things are done with a "pituto" or contact here in Chile. I am getting a bit worried about my future here and would appreciate a bit of advice from an unbiased I going about this search the right way? Should I be more persistent in my calls or should I do as one friend suggested and act "aloof", as if I had dozens of offers?

My linked in profile is below if interested - I simply would appreciate a little bit of unbiased advice. Thanks all!!!

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