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Native English Speakers and students (Santiago de Chile)


Hello People of Internations... I am new to this forum and am looking for some intelligent interesting NATIVE ENGLISH speakers to help me with my students. If you are interested you can contact me for more details. This will COST you NOTHING but your time, thoughts and native tongue! I recently attended one of the dinner events hosted by Inernations and I loved it, but the atmosphere is not quite conducive for learning, as my students are fluent but not advanced to the level of speaking over loud music at a bar with many natives. My idea is to offer them a little more relaxing steps until they are ready for a big group like Internations!! So here is my plan...
As a teacher I would like to offer my adult English students an opportunity to feel like they are in an English Speaking country by providing them with an all Native English speaker environment a few afternoon/evenings out of each month. I am looking for Native English speakers to come together for conversation, enjoying various activities, snacks and dinner too. The idea of the group is for interesting and intelligent people from all Native ENGLISH speaking countries living here in Chile, to gather with my students, in one of many locations,i.e. private residences and patio areas offered by my students. My students understand that it is essential for their improvement to surround themselves with English Speakers, however that is difficult living here in South America, so I am trying to create the perfect place for them and I need your help.
I am looking for people of all professions and trades who would like to share their interesting lives, or interesting stories. This can be a great way to make friends and network as well as helping Chileans learn English. There might be some language exchange in the future, but for now the focus is for them learning to speak better. I do not expect anyone who wants to attend to teach, all I ask is that you always maintain patience and understanding as this meeting is designed to help my students feel more comfortable when speaking English, and learn how to listen and speak more fluently in English. IF this sounds interesting to you and you would like to contribute your life, work, stories and ideas, or you are just looking for something to do a few nights out of the month then please contact me for a brief interview. The meeting is FREE and open for any ideas! I need you, your brain and your ENGLISH language. ALL native English speakers are welcome. The more cultures and accents the better.

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